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I would sooner listen to Rush Limbaugh rapping over the sounds of cats being drawn and quartered while someone whittled at my legs with a dull carrot peeler than listen to four hours of the Monkey Power Trio. -- Paw

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"You Gotta Have Hope"
T-Shirt $12
MPT2011-13 Left Behind $15 MPT2010 Misreattached $8
MPT2009 Who Cares What The Vultures Want? $8 MPT2008 Tearing Down The Parthenon $8
MPT2007 Lest We Be Misunderstook $8 MPT2005+6 House of the Mechanical Sun $15
12 inches of Pure Song Value!
MPT2004 Spiders In The Blood Supply $8 MPT2003 Hacking Through the Tentacles of Despair $8
MPT2002 Almost Clear $8 MPT2000 Flying Through Glass $8
MPT2001 Future Past Present $8 MPT1998 Things Get Ugly $8
MPT1999 Chasing Monsters with Our Love $8 MPT1996 Sound of No Hands Clapping $8
MPT1997 eMPTy $8 MPT1995 The First Hour $8

We are happy to accommodate those who wish to order any product the old fashioned way, by mail. Check, cash, or money orders. Please write us a letter telling us what you want and how many and what your favorite Monkey Power song is. Use this handy peel off address label:
	               The Monkey Power Trio
	               PO Box 980301
	               Ypsilanti, MI 48198

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